What To Pay Attention To At Your First Trade Shows

What To Pay Attention To At Your First Trade Shows

February 29 2016

Trade shows like all things are a process. You need to learn about your audience, what works, what doesn’t work, adjust and continue. There are no perfect ways to do anything, just the ways that work. Paying attention to a few details will go a long way towards success and not just another wasted investment.

  1. Be patient: Honestly, not everyone will love you or find a need for what you’re offering. Qualify your leads, hear what they have to say, engage if possible and move on. Getting caught up on a single person will distract you from your overall goals.

  2. Get up and engage: A big mistake that companies make is sitting behind a table or in a booth and not approaching people. Promotional models are great for this, and will bring traffic in your direction.

  3. Don’t do everything last minute: Companies who plan have a greater trade show experience. The last thing you want is to not have everything ready to go and perfect because you decided way too late to invest in a trade show. Make a plan for the shows you will attend and plan, plan, plan those events well in advance. Sloppiness will take away from your brand’s message.

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