3 Ways To Use Social Media At Trade Shows

3 Ways To Use Social Media At Trade Shows

January 26 2016

Taking advantage of social media for your brand is not just an option anymore; it’s a necessity. If you’re not using those channels to compliment your face-to-face trade show marketing experience, then you are wasting valuable resources. Below are 3 ways to use social media for trade shows:

  1. Take advantage of promotional models followers: Many models that we work with have large amounts of social media followers. Take advantage of that broad audience with specific, targeted campaigns to get more people to your booth or event.

  2. Don’t forget real time use: Many companies use social media before an event, but forget to give people real time updates about the trade show and what’s going on in their booth. Get people excited by showing them the crowds, what you’re doing, etc. This will draw more attention to your brand and drive traffic to your booth.

  3. Work with the event’s social media campaign: If you’re going to attend a show and add value to an event, the show will be happy to publish your content on their feeds. Approach them and come up with ideas that will help both of you succeed and reach your goals.

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