Three Things To Look For When Choosing Promotional Models

Three Things To Look For When Choosing Promotional Models

October 14 2015

All promotional models are not created equal. Every convention or tradeshow has its own feel, so hiring a promotional model that works well for that specific audience is very important for your overall success. Below are 3 things to look for when choosing promotional models for your event:

  1. Experience: You want to hire promotional models that either has experience representing brands in your field or something close. They will understand the market better than your average model and give you an instant advantage for your brand, booth and tradeshow experience.

  2. Personality matters: Yes we understand the value of looks when it comes to attention, but without the personality to back it up, potential customers will be distanced and therefore less engaged. Choose models that can look your potential customers in the eye and really engage them.

  3. Attitude: We cannot stress this enough and it’s one of the most important factors in choosing our promotional models to represent our company. A model’s attitude is as important as their look. A positive attitude attracts while a negative one detracts so you know what you need to go for.

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