The Art Of Pre-Trade Show Promotion

The Art Of Pre-Trade Show Promotion

October 13 2015

Many people think that a trade show booth and experience just exists. They have no concept of what it took to get it or the actual attendees there. If you don’t have people excited to come see you, then you are wasting a great opportunity to obtain strong sales leads and future business contacts.

Social media is a must for pre-trade show promotion. Getting a following and then telling them a story is paramount to gaining their interest. There is no better way to cast a wide prospective net. Without active social media accounts, the trade show experience will be nowhere near its potential.

Promotional giveaways and models are great, but if no one knows, then there isn’t much of a point. Build energy and excitement before your event and use your blog and social media accounts to let everyone know.

Paying attention to the people that will buy your product at these events is important for the seasoned event marketer. Market research helps make sure you know who your target audience is and that you don’t waste your time on interested people that will never buy what you have to sell. Information is the secret, and the more you have, the better off your return on that booth and trade show investment will be.

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