Trade Show Social Media: Twitter

Trade Show Social Media: Twitter

November 9 2015

If you’re not on social media professionally these days, you’re way behind the ball. Trends are set in real time and ideas are shared from the best brands in the world. Twitter is a real-time marketing tool that will beef up your tradeshow experience. Below are 3 reasons why Twitter is essential for your brand:

  1. Presence: Establishing a presence or following is like having a targeted list of people ready to hear what you have to say. Take advantage of this and make it known where you’re going to be. Using hashtags related to trade shows and conferences ensures that targeted eyes will be on your company and product(s).

  2. Building a frenzy: If you have a special giveaway and have special things going on at a trade show, you want the world to know beforehand so they show up. Hired a celebrity? Tell the world. Doing a prize raffle? Tell the world. Hired amazing promotional models? Definitely tell the world. Take advantage of Twitter and what it has to offer.

  3. Behind the scenes: Giving people a real-time view of what’s going on with your company at a trade show is a treat for your audience. Live tweeting is another tool companies use to show people what’s going on. They will know what they are missing when you can show them. Take advantage of Twitter and your social media presence.

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