Relationships Are The Name Of The Game

Relationships Are The Name Of The Game

February 2 2016

Promotional models are not just eye candy anymore. They serve a much more important role for you and your brand. Gone are the days of smiling and being friendly. Now is the time for engagement and relationship building.

If you are hiring promotional models that are not engaging potential clients, then you are missing out on worlds of potential. A promotional model is your first line, but not only is it their job to draw people in, but also to begin the business to consumer relationship building process.

Sales are dependent not only on human relationships, but also on the relationship a consumer has with a brand. Knowledge and attention to details are very important because a promotional model is an extension of your brand, not just a disconnected piece.

If you are currently using promotional models, take a hard look at what they are bringing to the table. All agency and model experiences are not created equal.

Sunset Model Management creates events and booth experiences for brands that leave indelible memories in the minds of those who attend.