How To Take Advantage Of Face-To-Face Marketing Opportunities

How To Take Advantage Of Face-To-Face Marketing Opportunities

January 20 2016

In our digital world, face-to-face marketing opportunities are becoming lost in the shadows of social media’s massive cloud. However, in person marketing is nowhere near dead. Trade shows and conventions are a big part of creating your brand image. People respond to personal interaction, that’s a simple fact, and it’s important that you take advantage of these opportunities.

Superior booth design is one key to getting trade show marketing right. A booth must be visually appealing and create a cohesive message with your brand. Pay attention to what people say and respond to. Booth design may be the difference between attraction and repulsion.

It’s important to staff all of your face-to-face marketing opportunities appropriately. Sometimes people put themselves in the public eye when it would be best for a promotional model or brand ambassador as not just a buffer, but for something that draws people in. Understand who and what are your best options for the front lines of interaction.

Don’t be afraid to trust expert opinions that have countless years of experience, but make sure you are working with competent people. Mediocrity is not an option when it comes to your brand’s image.

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