Getting Beyond The Superficial With Trade Show Attendees

Getting Beyond The Superficial With Trade Show Attendees

March 10 2016

Psychology is a main factor in success versus failure at trade shows. If you keep the conversation shallow, you will only get superficial responses and your conversation will not go very far. Wading into depth with your prospective client is the secret to building relationships and getting a real return on your investment.

Superficially, a warm and inviting booth space is essential to starting off the conversation. How you approach people also will either make them feel comfortable or turn them off. Start the conversation light and get to know whom you’re talking to. Showing interest will make them more comfortable, especially if you don’t try to sell at every possible moment.

Watching your prospective client will give you cues on which direction to move the conversation. If they seem positive and engaged, you’re on the right path. If they look bored, annoyed or fidgety, it’s time to pivot and change your tactics. Do something more hands on and entertaining in this case.

It really comes down to being able to read attendees. As long as your booth and staff are naturally positive, you will get the opportunity to draw people in and deepen the conversation. Paying attention to social cues is the secret to getting more out of your trade show experience.

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