3 Ways To Evolve Your Staffing Experience in 2016

3 Ways To Evolve Your Staffing Experience in 2016

February 15 2016

The year just changed to 2016 and with that comes an evolution in the ways we run our businesses and staff our events. If you are not changing with the times, unfortunately you will be left behind. Below are 3 ways to evolve your staffing experience in 2016:

  1. Digital marketing is the name of the game: If you do not have social media followers from multiple accounts including brand ambassadors and influencers, then you’re behind the ball. Grow that authentic following and continue having a conversation with them before, during and after the show.

  2. Tight strategy: Gone are the days of showing up and shooting from the hip. Now is the time to have a tight yet fluid event marketing strategy that is staffed appropriately. Do not do more without increasing quality. You will negatively influence your brand.

  3. Know your demographic: You must know your demographic and staff your events appropriately to take advantage of their wants and needs. Don’t get stuck in a one-size fits all model. Promotional models are not all the same, and taking advantage of their strengths for specific events is the name of the game.

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