3 Tips For Using Instagram At Trade Shows

3 Tips For Using Instagram At Trade Shows

February 29 2016

If you’re not using Instagram as a main social media channel, then unfortunately you are behind the ball. In the evolution of social media platforms, Instagram has become the go to visual interface to creatively build brand awareness and market your company. People’s attention spans are shortening, and Instagram engagement is a simple way to grow that client base. Below are 3 tips for using Instagram at trade shows:

  1. Post on trade show hashtag: The first thing you should find out is what the official trade show hashtag is. Everything you post must include that hashtag so that you reach your target audience. Organization is key to maximizing benefits.

  2. Run contests: Want to get people to engage with you and come to your booth? Contests and giveaways are a sure way to accomplish that goal. Give your followers a task to win a specific prize and you’ll be surprised at the amount of engagement.

  3. Share with other social networks: It’s important to have a comprehensive social media portfolio, reaching anyone and everyone necessary to grow efficiently. Make sure your Instagram feed is pushed to your Twitter and Facebook accounts minimum. In this case more is more.

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