3 Promotional Model Misconceptions

3 Promotional Model Misconceptions

April 28 2016

Promotional models have been around for a while, but their roles are constantly evolving. Below are 3 misconceptions about promotional modeling:

   1.  One size fits all: Promotional models are not just supermodels. It’s not just all about looks anymore, but more importantly poise, attitude, and brand fit. Promotional models that can engage customers and understand your brand are more important than just looks alone.

   2.   Sex is the only thing that sells: At tradeshows, it’s not sex that sells, but a model’s ability to interact and draw customers in. Gone are the days of just skimpy outfits, but instead a holistic approach to potential client interaction.

   3.  Brains don’t matter: Brains and ability to interface with potential clients is the name of the game. A promotional model needs to be able to articulate a brand’s identity, interact, and answer questions, not just look pretty. Using trade show models not only brings in more traffic to your booth, but also gets more people excited about what you are selling.

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